Tuesday, March 17, 2009

music of the future

If I were artist, I want to be like D.J Tiesto which not likes other artist that is singing but he is made the music using a turntable and a mixer and play dance genre of music which nowadays have many names such as techno, trance, electro, and many more. I want to be like him because to me it is more creative and more fun compared to singer. I like dance music because we only can know the song by hearing the music, to me the title of the music is created based on the music because in all dance music the title is suitable with the music. It is like the music it self is telling the story of the music.

Now I am only able to play the song mixer in the computer software title virtual dj and not the real deck because the real deck is very expensive. I learn to play virtual dj from my friend who is better then me in mixing song. But I hope one day I will be able to play a real deck and in a live performance in front of thousand of people with a creative lightning. In that situation I will feel like all the people needs me to play a song to make them happy with my music that I created.

Beside that I want to be a first Malaysian which is famous in the world because of my music. People from all over the world will hear my song and know what the song is telling about. I like this type of music because to me it makes me become more active and also become happier. It is like an energy song, if someone hears dance music they will become more energetic, active and have a feeling like get strength in the mind.

I like all genre of music especially dance and rock, but if there were a list I will put dance music as the first and rock as the second in the list of my
favorite music then others music.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What is Love

To me, love is a feeling that comes when we feel when someone came in our life and is very care about everything that we do, our feeling, and much more. For example like our parents, they are taking care about everything that we do and they want us to do everything that is good to our life and our future. They also is care about our feeling, if we feel sick they take care on us, if we feel sad they were beside us and when we were happy also they will be beside of us. In other hand, we also must care about their feeling, we must what their doing. After we and the other person feel same feeling with us, then only a feeling is created in our heart and it is called love.

When we fall in love and we not see or contact the person for a long time we will always thinking of her that is what we called as miss. And when we see the person that we like with someone else, we will feel mad that is called jealous feelings and many more. All this feeling will be happen when we wall in love.

Talking about my dream girl, I like a girl that her smile is very sweet; when I see her smile I will feel very happy, like every problem in my life will be forgotten for a moment. I like a simple girl and not too much for example like in certain situation like a wedding, some girl like to wear and make up too much but I don’t like it, I like a girl which is simple in her dressing and her make up. Beside that, my dream girls should be nice, responsible, caring, understanding and always happy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My living place

I not stay at college since second semester because I failed to involve in all the college activity and my point for my activity card is not qualify me to stay in college. After knowing the news, my friends and I made a decision to find a rent house that is near to UiTM. At the same time one of our friends said that the owner of his house wanted to rent his other house. Then we call the owner that named Uncle Lee, after discuss with him we decide to see the house. The house is located in Taman Sengkang Jaya at Jementah, the house is quite suitable to us because the rent is only RM300 per month and the house is still new. There also have complete facilities such as post office, clinic, groceries shop, mosque, petrol station. The house has three bedrooms, two toilets, large hall and dining hall. There also have many student stay at there, even our neighbor is student also.

After we see the house we agree to rent it. Starts from that we have to be more responsible and discipline person. There are five persons live in this house, which is me, Mohd Azhar or Sood, Mohd Zaki, Mohd Farizat, and Abdul Hazim. We all are in the same badge but not at the same courses. Mohd Azhar and I live in the master bedroom which is large than other room. My friend Mohd Zaki live in the middle room and Mohd Farizat and Abdul Hazim live in the behind room.

All of my house mate can cook, so at weekend we like to cook special dishes together. At weekdays, usually we cook fried eggs or sardine only because we all feel very tired after going for class and training at the evening. We have three transports which is two cars and a motorcycle. Motorcycle is used only if some of our housemate have different class schedule and for going to shop.

Since I live out of campus, I feel like a work person because I will wake up at the morning to go to class and at the late evening I will come back to my house. I can say that I feel very happy with my living place included with all the crazy housemate. But the difficulty is I should thinking before buy anything because if I don’t do that my budget for a month will increase.

That’s all. Thank you.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mate of The Class

  1. Al is new to our class. he said he was transferred from UiTM Kedah. Al is a nice person. he is able to know everybody very fast maybe because he is a friendly person. I think is a funny person because he likes to make people laugh.
  2. Ashraff is friendly person, Mr. Izuan said that his face is like Ally Iskandar, but I don’t think so because when I see him I cannot see any similarities with Ally Iskandar.
  3. Azhar is my housemate. he likes to make people laugh with his joke. He also is able to speak well during presentation. Beside that, he also is a helpful person, when I have any problem regarding study I like to refer to him.
  4. Khalid is our class representative. to me he is very responsible and hardworking person. We have be a classmate since the first semester.
  5. That is me, to my classmates who describe me as fierce and not easy to smile, I strongly not agreeing with them. Maybe they do not know me very much. So, please come and recognize me.
  6. Nizam is Ashraff friend. He is not a talkative person in class. I cannot describe him so much because I haven’t talk to him. I hope to know him well.
  7. Ain is my classmate since first semester. I cannot describe her so much because I don’t know her well. After this I hope I will know her well.
  8. Salwa is the person that I can recognize very fast because she and her sister is the only twin in my class. But some time I cannot differentiate them.
  9. Atikah is from Tangkak, I know it because her boyfriend is my neighbour in the college and he told me.
  10. Farah is new in my class, so I couldn’t describe her so much.
  11. Aiza also in new to my class. I don’t know what to say about her.
  12. Syeila is my classmate since in first semester I think.
  13. Ima is same to Syeila
  14. Radiah is the sister of Salwa. I can describe her like her sister.
  15. Azierah is my classmate since the first semester I think.
  16. Ernie is the person that I don’t know what to describe because I have never talk to her.
  17. Sue is same like ernie. I cannot describe her too.
  18. Lyn is my classmate since the first semester I think because her face I can recognize.
  19. Nik is our class representative in last semester. I can describe her as a friendly and responsible person.
  20. Zirah is a quite person. I have never talked to her. So I cannot describe her.
  21. Salbiyah is close with Nik I think because they always came to class together.
  22. Huda, I don’t know what to say about her.
  23. Aina is friendly and active person. First time I talked to her is when I am going to UiTM Perak for KARISMA, from there only I know that she can play futsal.
  24. Syahida is Khalid girlfriend that is why I am able to know her. In last semester break I saw her shopping in uptown Shah Alam with her mother I think. She is helpful person.
  25. Siti Farahiyah is my new classmate. She always sits with Aina. Maybe she is Aina close friend.
  26. Farahain is Syahida close friend I think because they always together. She stay at Klang same to me but I don’t know which part of Klang. And yesterday I saw her at Kampung Raja Uda with her brother I think.
  27. Izzati, I don’t know her well. So I couldn’t describe her.
  28. Kent said she stay at Putrajaya. I know her since first or second semester I don’t remember.
  29. Raja is close with kent. They come and going back class together. She is from Muar. The think that I don’t like about her is she like to pinch people.

From this, I can say that there are only few of my classmates that I can recognize. The other I can only recognize their face. But sometime I cannot remember their name. I hope I can recognize my entire classmate very well before graduate from UiTM Johor.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 facts about myself

In this issue I would like to describe the characteristic about myself. Firstly I can describe myself as a music addict because everything that I do for example like doing assignment, driving, even when I want to sleep also I will turn on the music. My favorite genre of music is dance and rock because to me that kind of music can increase my spirit in doing any activity. Artist that is like much such as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, The Stroke, Tiesto, Ministry Of Sound and Bob Sinclair and many more. I also can play a guitar, I learned to play guitar since I am in form 3. Now I have 1 Santa Cruz acoustic guitar and if I have money I would like to purchase Fender electric guitar with the overdrive.

Active is one of my characteristics. I like sport very much because it makes me become healthier and I feel very happy when doing sport. There is much sport that I played such as football, handball, rugby, futsal and many more. Now I am active in play rugby because I play for UiTM Segamat team. And in a free time, I like to play futsal with my friends.
I think I am a friendly person because I would like to have many friends in my life. I think friend is an important person in my life because I feel more comfortable when sharing any problem with my friend and I feel more fun by doing any activities with my friends such as hang out with them, watch football together and many more.

Another characteristic that I get from my friends which I am always with them is I am a happy and funny person because they say that I like to make them laugh with a spontaneous jokes. My friends also say that I am helpful person because whenever they have a problem I will be there with them. I don’t know is that true about myself because I don’t even think that I is that kind of person but I will be more confident with my close friends.

I don’t like to read heavy material such as thick novel, teks books, book that is no picture and many more because I will feel bored very fast when I read too much. I prefer write the main idea or points of the statement because by doing that make me more understand about what I am reading.

I like vacation so much, the place that I prefer is more to relaxing place, good environment and interesting place. First time I am on vacation is at Langkawi Island, I feel very relaxing in there because every morning when I wake up I can see sunrise and I can hear the sea. When I have money, one day I want to go to Bali because I heard a lot people say that the place is very nice and very suitable for relaxing and also far from developing area.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

in this semester

I am currently in my third semester in this DEC 08 – APRIL 09 session. It is not very heavy in this semester because my credit hour is only 17. Not like last semester, my credit hour was 20 because I carried accounting paper last semester. It was quite tough to me but I take it as challenge and I was satisfied with my result in last semester. This semester I only take seven subjects which is fire brigade, English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311), Asas Ekonomi Islam (CTU 241), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 261), Macroeconomic (ECO 211), Introduction to Business Communication (MGT 269) and Mandarin (BMD 110).

Fire Brigade is co-curricular subject which teach how to avoid fire from happen, helping people and also some practical activity which using the fire brigade mobile. I was an interesting subject and it was teach by Mr. Omar which is very friendly and like to make some jokes.

For subject English for Academic Purpose was quite interesting because this subject help me to improve my English language like speaking, writing and listening. This subject is taught by Mr. Izuan which is friendly and he also teaches me how to make this blog.

For subject Mandarin taught by Mr. Lim is also an interesting subject to me because I always wanted learn to speak mandarin from I was form 4. For subject Business Communication which is taught by Mr. Kamil is easy subject only for people who likes to read a lot because this subject more to understanding and reading.

to me the tough subject in this semester is Macroeconomics and Statistics because to understand this subject, I need to do many exercise and cannot miss the class once because if I miss the class once I will not able to understand about the subject. For paper Macroeconomics was taught by Mrs. Junaidah which is strict and very serious in teaching. And for paper Statistics was taught by Ms. Norzarina Johar which also strict and very serious in her lectures.

After thinking for all the paper that I take in this semester, I only target A in subject MGT269, CTU 241, BEL 311, Mandarin and fire brigade. For paper like statistics and macroeconomics I only target B in that subject. If I want an A for both of the subject, I must very hardworking for the paper.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

about me

I would like to write about myself in this blog. My full name is Mohd Nasri Bin Mohamed Ali. I am born on 17 September 1987 at Klang, Selangor. My father name is Mohamed Ali bin Shah Abudeen. He is working as health officer in Majlis Perbandaran Klang. My mother name is Sohaila binti Kamaruddin. She is working in lawyer office in Shah Alam. I only have one sister named Siti Nur Amalina binti Mohamed Ali, she is now in form four.

I live with my family at Kampung Idaman. Kampung Idaman is located at Klang, Selangor. It is not really village because Kampung Idaman is surrounded by big building, many shopping mall.

During primary and secondary school, I school at SK La Salle Klang and SMK La Salle Klang. I have many experiences that I cannot forget at the school. When in secondary school, I was active in sport like soccer, rugby, martial art and much more.

In a free time like weekends, usually I hang out with my friends. And sometime we all go play snooker. I am active person, I don’t like stay at home or sleeping on my free time, I prefer managing some activity with my friend like go for picnic, playing snooker, window shopping.
I am a friendly person and I don’t like people who are arrogant and selfish. I like to have many friends. To me beside family, friend is the person who can discuss problem when I have any problem that is to difficult to solve, share bittersweet, and many more. That is all about me. There is many more that I want to share in next writing.