Tuesday, March 17, 2009

music of the future

If I were artist, I want to be like D.J Tiesto which not likes other artist that is singing but he is made the music using a turntable and a mixer and play dance genre of music which nowadays have many names such as techno, trance, electro, and many more. I want to be like him because to me it is more creative and more fun compared to singer. I like dance music because we only can know the song by hearing the music, to me the title of the music is created based on the music because in all dance music the title is suitable with the music. It is like the music it self is telling the story of the music.

Now I am only able to play the song mixer in the computer software title virtual dj and not the real deck because the real deck is very expensive. I learn to play virtual dj from my friend who is better then me in mixing song. But I hope one day I will be able to play a real deck and in a live performance in front of thousand of people with a creative lightning. In that situation I will feel like all the people needs me to play a song to make them happy with my music that I created.

Beside that I want to be a first Malaysian which is famous in the world because of my music. People from all over the world will hear my song and know what the song is telling about. I like this type of music because to me it makes me become more active and also become happier. It is like an energy song, if someone hears dance music they will become more energetic, active and have a feeling like get strength in the mind.

I like all genre of music especially dance and rock, but if there were a list I will put dance music as the first and rock as the second in the list of my
favorite music then others music.


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  2. gempak bro...
    hope it will becaome true..

  3. relax bro that just a joke bro.. what eva sory 4 taht words..hehe.. kep it up D.J Tiesto!! =D